Karl Peason(那位英国统计学家)的书The Grammar of Science出过三版。1911年,他在第三版的前言里说:
I can only hope that the third edition of my book has not been so far modified as to repel its old friends. For my part, I am compelled to regard it as scarcely renovated as fully as it ought to have been. Still, even in its present form the writers of elementary text-books on dynamics might, if they would favour it with a perusal, learn that the time-honoured three laws of motion are not all that modern science has to say about mechanism, and that even schoolboys must sooner or later rebel against being told that " a body remains at rest or moves in a straight line unless acted upon by a force " or that " mass is the quantity of matter in a body," an absolute constant independent of its motion!

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